Just call me Dorothy

Well, let me begin by telling you i’m a twenty something living in the Pacific Northwest.  I have a husband of two years, a baby who was born summer of 2010, and a very large network of family and friends you will probably read about in this blog.

Fun Facts:

  1. My name isn’t Dorothy.
  2. I’m an Alumni of Gonzaga University (Go Zags!).
  3. I can’t stand slow drivers – in fact, could you please go at least five over the speed limit?  That way you will most certainly NOT get in my way.
  4. My childhood consisted of dance and singing lessons… of which I haven’t utilized since I graduated high school.
  5. My favorite food is dark chocolate and wine… is wine a food?
  6. I loooove to travel – on my bucket list Greece, Brazil, Prague, and Ireland – really anywhere I haven’t been yet.
  7. I have an online shopping addiction.  Yesterday I bought a SteamVac and a High Chair.  Ohh and diapers – isn’t that grand?  I used to buy designer clothes…
  8. I’m not sure what my natural hair color is, but it has been about 4 months since I’ve dyed my hair and I don’t see any roots – so either i’ve reached my natural hair color ooooor my hairs stopped growing.  Who knows.
  9. I love my ipod because it gives my life the background music I think it deserves.
  10. Comments are great – but if it’s not nice i’ll probably delete it.  If it’s not nice but funny, I might keep it.

And finally, just a disclaimer – I love my son, husband, family, and job despite what you may read.  This is more or less just my outlet to express any frusterations with all of thee above.  Enjoy!


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