New Way Ministries

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of New Way Ministries.  It’s a transitional home for homeless women and their children.  Homeless can be translated in many different ways, but for these women they usually are homeless because of an abusive spouse or boyfriend and/or drug problems.

I’ve always had special interest in situations like this, it’s one cause that really gets to me.  Mainly because I believe no woman should ever be in a situation where their significant other is verbally or physically abusing her or her children.  A place like New Way Ministries allows the women to live in this home for 6-12 months, depending on the situation.  It’s essentially dorm living.  They have several rooms with attached bathrooms, and then a communal kitchen and living area.  NWM also supplies a day care so the mom’s can find and go to work.  However, a lot of these women are in no shape to work.  They’ve been so beaten down they don’t even know where to begin.  NWM has women come to them that only went through 9th grade and others who have their PhD.  NWM gives the women the tools and counseling to get their life back on track.  For the women who are succeeding in the program, and proving they are ready to transition back into society, NWM recently added 2nd tier housing.  The 2nd tier housing is apartment style living (still within the NWM compound).  The women are able to stay in this section for an additional 6-12 months.

New Way Ministries receives women from all over the Unites States, to local women from Whatcom County.  At this time, they can only accept a handful of women.  They constantly are having to turn away women and children who are in need of a safe haven.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if they never had to turn a woman away?

This yearManagement Services Northwest is assisting NWM with their annual benefit dinner and silent auction.  What’s my part in all of this, well i’m putting together the marketing material and assisting with the set up and decor – seriously, it’s so fun – I should’ve started this years ago!  I am positive that this years benefit is going to be the best yet.  Last year there were 400 attendees and this year we’re shooting to max out the NWWF Expo building at 500.  It’s going to be a fabulous time, and it’s a free event!  Please check it out, and if you’re interested – call and reserve yourself a seat.

Oh, PS we are looking for people to donate items for the silent auction – I know how handy some of you are who do DIY projects at home, have a hobby or business… please give abundantly, it’s for a great cause! 🙂  Contact me directly for more info!


About Momma-ista

I'm a wife and mother ~ which is mainly what you'll be reading about in this blog. A few fun facts: I have a new found passion for photography. I have a guilty pleasure of watching soap opera's and reality tv. I'm in biz dev for my mom's company. Recently I started donating my time to New Way Ministries - it's a great cause, and I get to do what I love best - marketing!
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  1. Von says:

    -this is SO cool, Terell!

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