9 Months the Wiser!

9 Months ago today was a much-anticipated day.  And it wasn’t just because I despised being pregnant.  It had a lot to do with the fact we’d already been to the hospital 3 times prior (due to a very very long labor).  4th time was a charm and just a few short hours later my little Boo came into the world.  It’s amazing how fuzzy my memory is, i’m already starting to forget the sleepless nights! (Knock on wood – you know he’ll wake up tonite now that i’ve said this!)

At 9 Months, all my child wants to do is walk.  He’s been there and done that with crawling, and now he wants to walk all the time and he wants FULL participation when he’s walking.  Meaning, someone has to be holding BOTH of hands or he’ll freak out.  At first, I wanted him to wait as long as possible to walk.  Now that assisted walking is assisted walking, I want him to walk as soon as possible (am I going to regret saying this?)! 

Here are a few pictures to commemorate his 9 Mo birthday –

Playing with Grandpa T (My dad) - he's staying with us until Tuesday (he lives in Hawaii)

Drinking out of his big boy cup

My little Boo - getting SO big SO fast!


About Momma-ista

I'm a wife and mother ~ which is mainly what you'll be reading about in this blog. A few fun facts: I have a new found passion for photography. I have a guilty pleasure of watching soap opera's and reality tv. I'm in biz dev for my mom's company. Recently I started donating my time to New Way Ministries - it's a great cause, and I get to do what I love best - marketing!
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