I could really go for a cheeseburger…

I know, two posts in one day – what is going on!?

Last week Friday I started a diet.  Let me just set the scene for you – the only diet i’ve ever stuck to in my life is weightwatchers.com point system, for like, 3 months.  I would rather workout for 2 hours at the gym then cut out calories… is that so terrible?  Well, before baby it was easy to get in quality time at the gym – now I barely work out 3 days a week if i’m lucky.

Okay, so this diet is HARD.  I had to cut out major calories and basically can’t have any carbs. When i’m at work, and busy all day, this is no problem.  Because, I pack my lunch in the morning – and that’s what I have to eat for the day.  At home, I snack.  Well I can’t snack on this diet… because it’s a DIET.  UGH!

Well, the positive side of this diet is that i’ve lost 4 lbs and 3 inches.  These last few baby pounds are shedding away fast – thank gaaaaaaaaaaaawd because the sooner this is over, the better!  On the negative side, I didn’t lose any weight today… which I was pissed about because i’ve been following the diet to the T.  Anywho, I was extra strict today – and might I add crabby – so we’ll see if all my hard work pays off tomorrow.

Sigh******* I’m craving a cheeseburger… and I don’t even like them!


About Momma-ista

I'm a wife and mother ~ which is mainly what you'll be reading about in this blog. A few fun facts: I have a new found passion for photography. I have a guilty pleasure of watching soap opera's and reality tv. I'm in biz dev for my mom's company. Recently I started donating my time to New Way Ministries - it's a great cause, and I get to do what I love best - marketing!
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