Baby T

In an earlier post, you see pictures of my friend K’s baby shower – this is her little girl.   Isn’t she just adorable?  Only 4 days old!  I had the opportunity to take a few pictures and utilize my brand spanking new camera.  I had so much fun.  The little munchkin was wide eyed the entire time I was there.  She just can’t get enough of this new world ~ reminds me of Boo when he was a newborn.

It’s amazing how fast they grow – Boo is only 6 months older than Miss. T, but he seems gigantic in comparison.  I was showing the husby pictures of Miss. T and he goes, oh great, does that mean you want another baby already? — umm seriously?  I can still remember labor – meaning, HECK NO!

On another note, we were all so positive that Miss. T was going to be a Mister.   All of us were shocked (seriously jaw dropping shocked) to hear the news.  Infact, K and S have all neutral (which means mainly boy focused) clothes.  I of course came bearing the cute red headband she’s wearing — Thank you SLO Day Designs –that way she can wear the headband with all of her boy clothes and people will still know she’s a girl! AND red = Christmas. 🙂

Sigh* a new baby, what a beautiful Christmas gift. I am so thankful to have my little Boo.  I can’t imagine life without him.  Every day I love him more and more.  Seeing this newborn  just made my heart ache with love for my baby.  It’s amazing the kind of love you have for your children.  God is great!


About Momma-ista

I'm a wife and mother ~ which is mainly what you'll be reading about in this blog. A few fun facts: I have a new found passion for photography. I have a guilty pleasure of watching soap opera's and reality tv. I'm in biz dev for my mom's company. Recently I started donating my time to New Way Ministries - it's a great cause, and I get to do what I love best - marketing!
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4 Responses to Baby T

  1. Mama Mimi says:

    AWWWWdorable! What kind of camera did you get? That was my Christmas pressy too! =)

    • Momma-ista says:

      The Canon 60D. It shoots amazing pictures – It’s hard to screw up. 🙂 However, I need to take another photography class because I can’t seem to get my shutter speed fast enough!

  2. Wookie says:

    what a beautiful little sweetie! Great pictures!

    • Momma-ista says:

      Now you just have to put up with me taking a few pictures of your little one when he/she gets here. Note how I changed it to a 50/50 chance and not the “she” i’m so convinced it is. 🙂

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