What I’ve learned thus far

Well, in about thirty minutes I turn a quarter of a century.  What have I learned thus far?

1. Lists make life easier

2. I do not like being pregnant

3. Even at the ripe age of 50, a woman can still drop it like it’s hot

4. You can be an adult, and still act like a two year old

5. Don’t give the gold fish “a dash” of food

6. In the dead of winter, make sure to have chains on car (or at least in the car) when crossing a mountain pass

7. It’s impossible to please everyone

8. There are only a few select good hairstylists in this world – and the majority of them cost waaaaay too much money

9. The doctor is not always right – get a second opinion

10.  Life is short.  Say “I love you”

11.  Money does not grow on trees

12.  School is not free

13.  Drugstore makeup CAN be just as good as designer makeup (disclaimer: this is not true in all cases)

14.  Forever21 sizes are based on a tiny asian woman who lives on a diet of rice

15.  Family is too important to let petty disagreements get in the way.  Make up and say I love you, because at the end of the day, family is the one thing you are lucky enough to have

16. 5 hour energy, will give you energy for about 5 hours

17.  The acid in acne medicine will discolor the carpet

18. The Easter Bunny is not real

19. You never can imagine how much you could possibly love someone until you have a child

20. If you’re not happy with yourself it’s hard to be happy in general

21. 3rd world grocery stores are not like the grocery stores in the good ole’ US of A

22. Paying it forward makes you feel just as good or better than the person you pay it forward to

23. Elope

24. Invest in pictures

25. And lastly, my new favorite phrase: God is great, wine is good, and people are crazy… but seriously people really are crazy


About Momma-ista

I'm a wife and mother ~ which is mainly what you'll be reading about in this blog. A few fun facts: I have a new found passion for photography. I have a guilty pleasure of watching soap opera's and reality tv. I'm in biz dev for my mom's company. Recently I started donating my time to New Way Ministries - it's a great cause, and I get to do what I love best - marketing!
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5 Responses to What I’ve learned thus far

  1. Bethany says:

    Amen lady :)! Happy early birthday mama ~ hope your two men spoil you rotten ♥!

  2. Loretta says:

    Clever, insightful & mature for one so young. Have a very Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. I am so impressed, I am speechless. My firstborn is simply amazing. Happy 25!

    Mommy, Boss, Friend

  4. Mama Mimi says:

    #6 & #14 – YES!
    #13 – Haven’t found any yet, please share!

    • Momma-ista says:

      Mainly i’m referring to face lotion. I stumbled upon one at Target – a great moisturizer (Target Brand — I don’t recall the exact name) for Summer. Winter months, doesn’t work so well, but summer I save like $100 bucks by using it. Oh and, it has spf 15 in it. Added bonus. 🙂

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