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A Christmas Story

Last night my little Boo had a high fever.   For the first time, I panicked.  I took his temperature more than 5 times in a row to make sure the thermometer was correct.  I googled fevers, and when I should … Continue reading

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Baby T

In an earlier post, you see pictures of my friend K’s baby shower – this is her little girl.   Isn’t she just adorable?  Only 4 days old!  I had the opportunity to take a few pictures and utilize my brand … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned thus far

Well, in about thirty minutes I turn a quarter of a century.  What have I learned thus far? 1. Lists make life easier 2. I do not like being pregnant 3. Even at the ripe age of 50, a woman can still … Continue reading

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An ode to chore charts

Back in the college days my favorite little red-head of a roommate made this amazing chore chart.  GG (one of my other roommates) and I absolutely hated it.  But, we always knew who had kitchen, garbage, vacuum duty.  So, since my husband and … Continue reading

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